The Witcher 3 Strategy: Ladies of the Wood (Main Quest) – Velen

■Start condition:

Start at main quest 『Wandering in the Dark』 phase 23. ask Keira “How do I find the witches?”.
※Main quest 『Family Matters』 will be completed clearing main quest 『Ladies of the Wood』.

■Recommended level:



1. Read “The Ladies of the Wood.”

→You got the the book from Keira at previous main quest 『Wandering in the Dark』 phase 23.

→Go to phase 3.

2. Find the Crones of Crookback Bog.

→This phase will be cleared upon clearing following phase 4.

3. Use your Witcher Senses to find the shrine that marks the start of the Trail of Treats.

↓Go to following destination and examine the wooden statue.

→Go to phase 4.

4. Follow the Trail of Treats using your Witcher Senses.

↓Follow the trail which reacts to the Witcher Senses till reaching to the small village.

→Event starts and go to following choice 1.

Choice 1.
・Ever seen an ashen-haired women around here?・・・go to choice 2.
・I’m looking for a witch.・・・just conversation.
・What are you doing in the swamp?・・・just conversation.

Choice 2.
・This is in trouble.・・・go to choice 3.
・You live here alone?・・・go to choice 3.

Choice 3.
・I’m looking for someone.・・・go to choice 4.
・Who’s Johnny?・・・just conversation.
・Are you a witch?・・・just conversation.
・You take care of the kids?・・・just conversation.

Choice 4.
・Please help me.・・・go to phase 5.
・Talk.・・・go to phase 5.

5. Go to the hut and talk to the boy.

↓Go to the hut nearby and talk to the gran inside the hut. Go to following choice.

・You don’t want to talk to me?・・・
・Where can I find this Johnny?・・・
・Farewell・・・go to phase 6.

6. Find a way to lure Gran away from the hut.

↓Talk to either kids outside the hut and go to following choice 1.

Choice 1.
・Help me out?・・・go to choice 2.
・Have you ever seen Johnny?・・・just conversation.
・Gran ever hurt you?・・・just conversation.
・Your friend’s not afraid to go in the woods. Why?・・・just conversation.

Choice 2.
・Fine.・・・go to phase 8.
・Isn’t there something else you want?・・・event starts and go to choice 3.
※Recommend to choose “Fine.”. You can enjoy the story and hide and seek.

Choice 3.
・Where’s Johnny?・・・go to phase 9.
・Why are you afraid?・・・just conversation.
・Where are your parents?・・・just conversation.

7. Ask the children in the swamp village about Johnny.

→This phase will be cleared upon clearing following phase 8.

8. Find the hidden children using your Witcher Senses.0/4

→Play hide and seek with children. You can find children’s footprint using Witcher Senses.

→Event starts upon finding all four children. Go to following choice.

・Where’s Johnny?・・・go to phase 9.
・Why are you afraid?・・・just conversation.
・Where are your parents?・・・just conversation.

9. Look for Johnny in the swamp using your Witcher Senses.

↓Go to the following marked location.

※Be careful you will encounter Drowner and Water Hag on the way to the location.

→You’ll automatically go to the next phase upon reaching the location.

10. Find Johnny’s footprints.

→You’ll find Johnny’s footprint using your Witcher Senses.

→Check the Johnny’s footprints and go to phase 11.

11. Follow Johnny’s footprints using your Witcher Senses.

↓Follow Johnny’s footprints using your Witcher Senses.

※Be careful you will encounter Drowners on the way to the Jonny’s location.

→You’ll automatically go to phase 12. at the end of the footprints.

12. Lure Johnny out of his burrow.

→Call Johnny and got to following choice 1.

Choice 1.
・You can’t talk.・・・go to choice 2.
・You know the kids from the clearing well?・・・just conversation.
・You gotta know what goes on around here.・・・just conversation.

Choice 2.
・Want me to follow you?・・・go to phase 13.
・I don’t understand, try to explain.・・・just conversation.

13. Follow Johnny.

→Follow Johnny until encounter the monster. Go to phase 14.

14. Defeat the monsters.

→You’ll fight with three Drowners and then go to phase 15.

15. Follow Johnny.

→Resume following Johnny. And then go to phase 16. at the end of the following.

16. Search the raven nest.

↓You can find raven’s nest on the top of hill. But be careful there are Harpys around the nest attacking you.

↓Check the raven’s nest and then go to phase 17.

17. Give the bottle to Johnny.

→Talk to Johnny. Event will start and then go to following choice 1.

・Looking for a young, ashen-haired woman.・・・go to choice 2.
・Why did you loose your voice?・・・just conversation.
・How do you bottle someone’s voice?・・・just conversation.

・So she went off towards the village…・・・go to phase 18.
・Know anything about the Crones?・・・just conversation.
・The woman from the village in the swamp…Who is she?・・・just conversation.

18. Follow Johnny to the swamp village.

→Follow Johnny till you encounter monsters. Go to phase 19.

19. Defeat the monsters.

→You’ll fight with three Drowners and Water Hag then go to phase 20.

20. Follow Johnny to the swamp village.

→Resume following Johnny till you reach to the swamp village.

→Event automatically starts and go following choice 1.

Choice 1.
・The ashen-haired woman…・・・go to choice 2.
・Lead me to the Crones?・・・go to choice 2.

Choice 2.
・I wanted to talk to you.・・・go to choice 4.
・Not how I imagined you looking.・・・go to choice 3.
・They speak through you?・・・just conversation.

Choice 3.
・Are you cursed?・・・go to choice 4.
・What is this tapestry made of?・・・just conversation.

Choice 4.
・What happened to her?・・・go to choice 5.
・She is like a daughter to me.・・・just conversation.

Choice 5.
・It’s a deal.・・・go to phase 21.
・Why do I need a dagger?・・・just conversation.

21. Talk to the ealdorman of Downwarren about the village’s problem.

↓Location of Downwarren.

→Talk to ealdorman and go to following choice 1.

Choce 1.
・What’s bothering the villagers?・・・go to choice 2.
・Farewell.・・・suspend the quest.

Choice 2.
・Glad we understand each other.・・・go to choice 3.
・I don’t belong to anyone.・・・go to choice 4.

Choice 3.
・Let’s get to the problem.・・・go to choice 4.
・A certain young woman visited the…Ladies of the Wood.・・・just conversation.
・Ever seen them?・・・just conversation.

Choice 4.
・I’ll look around.・・・go to phase 22.
・More details.・・・just conversation.
・How long’s it been like this?・・・just conversation.

22. Find out what’s killing villagers from Downwarren.

↓Location of destination.


→Secondary Quest 『The Whispering Hillock』 automatically starts near by the destination. You have to clear Secondary Quest 『The Whispering Hillock』 to proceed this main quest. Suggest to switch the quest to 『The Whispering Hillock』 so that you can deeply understand the quest.

→Search around the destination till next phase comes up. Go to phase 23.

23. Find passage leading under the hill using your Witcher Senses.

↓You can easily find the passage using Witcher Senses. Go to phase 24.

※Be careful there may a werewolf around the cave entrance.

24. Explore the cave.

→Go underwater to find the voice come from.

→Don’t forget to get tree treasure chests underwater.
→Clear secondary quest 『The Whispering Hillock』 and go to phase 25.

25. .


ウィッチャー3攻略: 森の貴婦人たち (メインクエスト)-ヴェレン





森の貴婦人たち 攻略チャート:

1. 『森の貴婦人たち』を読む。


2. クルックパック湿原で妖婆を見つける。




2. ウィッチャーの感覚を使い、〈ごちそうの道〉につながる社を見つける。



3. ウィッチャーの感覚を使い、〈ごちそうの道〉をたどる。


4. 小屋まで行き、少年と話す。


5. 老婆を小屋から遠ざける方法を探す。

→次のステップ、6→7 を進める。

6. 沼地の村に住む子供たちにジョニーのことを尋ねる。


7. ウィッチャーの感覚を使い、隠れている子供たちを見つける。0/4






8. ウィッチャーの感覚を使い、沼地でジョニーを探す。


9. ジョニーの足跡を見つける。


10. ジョニーを棲家から誘い出す。


11. ジョニーについて行く。



12. カラスの巣を探す。



13. ジョニーに瓶を渡す。


14. ジョニーの後について沼地の村まで行く。



15. ダウンウォレンの長老と話し、村が抱える問題について聞く。


16. 何がダウンウオレンの村人を殺しているのかを突きとめる。


17. ウィッチャーの感覚を使い、丘の下の通路見つける。



18. 洞窟を調べる。


19. ダウンウォレンが抱える問題を解決する。

→ 洞窟の奥に進むとイベントが始まります。問題を解決するには同時進行で進むサイドクエスト『囁きの丘』をクリアーしましょう。

20. ダウンウオレンの長老と話し、問題を解決したことを告げる。



21. 長老から得た報酬を石の上に置く。




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