The Witcher 3 Strategy: Ciri’s Story: King of the Wolves

■Start condition:

Automatically start during main quest 『Bloody Baron


1.Follow the riverbed and find help.

→Go strait to marker direction till you meet flock of wolves.

→Go to phase 2. when encounter to flock of wolves.

2.Kill the wolves.

→Defeat wolves.
※The enemy is not strong. Fast attack is enough to defeat.

→After killing wolves, event automatically starts and go to following choice 1.

Choice 1.
Yes, I’m lost, too.・・・go to choice 2.
No. I never am.・・・go to choice 2.

Choice 2.
How is it you’re here?・・・go to choice 4.
Where do you live?・・・go to choice 3.

Choice 3.
Good idea. I shall walk you home.・・・go to choice 5.
How’d you get here?・・・go to choice 4.

Choice 4.
Remember how to get home?・・・go to choice 5.
Why follow the trail or treats?・・・Just conversation.

Choice 5.
Don’t be afraid. I’ll protect you.・・・go to phase 3.
The Wolf King?・・・Just conversation.

3. Follow Gretka.

→Protect Gretka from wolves.

→Go marker direction. You’ll find corpse and event starts with following choice.

Summing up…・・・go to phase 4.
(This choice appears only after checking both “Chest” and “Leg”.)
Eyes.・・・just information.
Head.・・・just information.
Chest.・・・right answer.
Leg.・・・right answer.
Belly.・・・just information.

4. Follow Gretka.

→Collect following materials.

・Gather fool’s parsley.0/2・・・you can find it in woods. Refer following image.
・Acquire wolf’s liver.0/1・・・you can get from wolves dead body.
・Acquire dog tallow.0/1・・・you can get from wolves dead body.
・Gather mistletoe.0/3・・・you can find it in woods. Refer following image.

↓fool’s parsley


→After collecting all materials, event automatically starts and Ciri start making oil.

→Resume following Grekta.

→Grekta lead you to the cave and event starts. Go to phase 5.

5. kill the werewolf

→Defeat the werewolf in the cave. It won’t be difficult. Dodge or go behind the werewolf and hit a fast attack.

↓Reference video.

1) Remember this kind of Boss can’t be locked. You have control your sight using right stick.
2) Take position front of werewolf.
3) When the werewolf start attacking, push jump button(short warp as Ciri’s unique skill) and go behind werewolf.
4) Fast attack three times from back side and then retreat from the werewolf using Ciri’s short warp so that you can avoid counterattack.
5) Repeat above process.

→Quest completed after killing werewolf.

■Next quest:
Automatically go to 『Family Matters

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